FRC - Basic Course

Registration: +298 66 58 88 or on

Information: Send to Sjónám your full name as well as date of birth, adress, mobile telephone number, e-mail adress, and how payment is made. 

STCW 78 incl. Manila 2010 amendments A-VI/2-2.

Target: Crew on board ships appointed to man or to command a fast rescue craft.

Admission: Valid health certificate for seafarers, 18 years of age, valid certificate from basic rescue course and cox course as well as understanding Faroese.  

Remember to send us a copy of all the above mentioned certificates when registrating or you just bring them when the course begins.  

Objective: To give course participants (crewing MOB/FRC on board ships) competency to take command on a fast rescue boat during and after launch as well as to operate the engine in a fast rescue boat.

Contents: Course participants will obtain knowledge in:

  • Construction and equipment in a fast rescue boat
  • Special features and amenities in a fast rescue boat
  • Safety precautions during launching and recovery of a fast rescue boat
  • Procedures for the righting of a capzised fast rescue boat
  • How to handle a fast rescue boat in prevailing and adverse weather and sea conditions
  • Navigation and safety equipment available in a fast rescue boat
  • Search patterns and environmental factors affecting execution
  • Assessment of the readiness of a fast rescue boat and equipment
  • Methods of starting and operating a fast rescue boat engine and its accessories

 When course is completed the course participant shall have ability in:

  • Taking charge of a fast rescue boat during launching and recovery
  • Righting a capzised fast resue boat
  • Handle a fast rescue boat in prevailing weather and sea condtions
  • Swim in special equipment
  • Use communications and signaling equipment between the fast rescue boat and a helicopter and a ship
  • Use the emergency equipment carried on board 
  • Recover a casualty from the water and transfer a casualty to a rescue helicopter or to a ship or to a place of safety
  • Carry out search patterns, taking account of environmental factors
  • Start and operate a fast rescue boat engine

Duration: 3 days.

Certificate: Printed out upon course completion.

Validity: 5 years.

Number of participants: Mininum 3; maximum 6.

Self-tuition: Not possible on this course. We don´t consider it prudent to offer self-tuition because this course is very important and consists of mainly practical excercises with high qualification requirements. 

Learning: When fully booked the basic course takes 24 hours - i.e. 3 days of 8 hours each. The course participant aquires proficiency and competency needed to be a part of the crew of a fast rescue boat.

Sjónám has highly competent and experienced instructors who are able to combine traditional teaching with the practical reality.

The course is arranged to make the theory and the practical training walk hand in hand. The competence are achieved with good training and good facilities. The instructors follow the participants closely throughout the entire course.

All-in-all this is an exciting course fo seafarers who want basic training to man a fast rescue boat.

DKK 6.500,00


Certificate from DNV-GL
Certificate from IASST
Certificate from Achilles JQS