Registration: This course is currently not included in our regular schedule and is only available on demand. Please send us a request at or by phone at +298 665888 and we will get back to you with an offer. The minimum number of participants per course group is 4, and the maximum is 16.

General information: The Work environment paragraph 16 course is a requirement by the Danish Maritime Authority, which Faroese seafarers must meet in order to work on Danish ships.

Objective: Upon course completion, participants will have achieved an understanding of the practical function required of members of the safety group. Participants will be taught to promote a safe and healthy work environment on merchant ships in cooperation with fellow crew members and.

Applicable to: Members of the safety group on board merchant ships sailing under the Danish and/or Faroese flag.

Entry requirements: None.

Course structure: The course is based on a dialogue-based form of instruction with an emphasis on the participants’ needs and daily working circumstances, thorough digestion of the new knowledge, exchange of experience and attitude processing.

The course consists of a mixture of theory though presentations and films plus practical exercises, individually and in groups, through which participants learn to apply the theoretical knowledge and are challenged on the “caregiver mentality”.

Contents: The course covers the following:

The key work environment impact on passenger and cargo ships, including

  • long-term impact on tankers
  • key work-related illnesses and accidents at work the legal basis for the work of the safety organisation/group (Act on ship safety, the executive order on safety,
  • the work environment regulations, the rest time regulations, etc.)
  • problem solving, risk assessment and workplace assessment
  • the role of the supervisor and the safety representative plus the cooperation of the safety organisation/group with regards to solving the tasks.

The development of the security organisation/group, including opportunities and limitations in the execution of security work, change of attitudes to the security work and the security organisation/group’s updating of its own knowledge.

Other remarks: The courses meet the training requirements pursuant to the Danish Maritime Authority’s executive order no. 770 of 29 August 2003 regarding work environment courses for the safety organisation/group on merchant ships.

Certification: A certificate is issued upon course completion.

Validity: No provision.

Number of participants: Minimum 4. Maximum 16.