Elementary fire fighting and use of (AED) defibrillator

Registration: This course is currently not included in our regular schedule and is only available on demand. Please send us a request at or by phone at +298 665888 and we will get back to you with an offer.

Endorsement: Sjónám/Danish Red Cross.

Applicable to: Everyone.

Entry requirements: Comprehension of the Faroese language.


1. Fire fighting: Upon course completion, participants are required to demonstrate basic knowledge of and experience with fire fighting.

2. First aid: Danish Red Cross: “Cardiac arrest is always unexpected, and the first response can make a crucial difference in the vital minutes before the ambulance arrives. Quick resuscitation with a combination of CPR and an AED are the most important forms of immediate treatment to improve the survival chances for a victim of cardiac arrest. This first aid course teaches you to perform CPR and use an AED.”


1. Fire fighting: Classroom-based teaching on basic fire fighting.

  • The fire triangle
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Prevention
  • Rescue
  • Evacuation
  • Fire fighting

This course emphasises practical exercises.

2. First aid: For further information, click here (in Danish).

Certification: A certificate is issued upon course completion.

Validity: No provision.

Number of participants: Minimum 6. Maximum 16.