Elementary fire fighting and first aid for children

Registration: This course is currently not included in our regular schedule and is only available on demand. Please send us a request at or by phone at +298 665888 and we will get back to you with an offer.

Endorsement: Sjónám/Danish Red Cross.

Applicable to: Everyone.

Entry requirements: Comprehension of the Faroese language.


1. Fire fighting: Upon course completion, participants will have received appropriate approved basic training or instructions in fire fighting.

2. First aid: Danish Red Cross: “This course teaches lifesaving first aid for children plus methods for dealing with everyday injuries such as burns, wounds, food poisoning, etc. The course, aimed at parents, grandparents and others responsible for children’s wellbeing, focuses on the individual experiences and needs of the participants.”


1. Fire fighting: Theoretical and practical instructions in basic fire fighting.

  • The fire triangle
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Prevention
  • Rescue
  • Evacuation
  • Fire fighting
  • This course emphasises practical exercises.

2. First aid: 4 hours of CPR and related techniques based on Danish Red Cross practices.

Certification: A certificate is issued upon course completion.

Validity: No provision.

Number of participants: Minimum 6. Maximum 16.