Registration: This course is currently not included in our regular schedule and is only available on demand. Please send us a request at or by phone at +298 665888 and we will get back to you with an offer. The minimum number of participants per course group is 3, and the maximum is 8.

Syllabus B, appendix 2: CLICK HERE (in Danish)

Endorsement: STCW 78 A-VI/4, incl. Manila 2010 amendments and EU directive 92/29/EØF.

Entry requirements: See appendix 2 section 5 of the course syllabus. Comprehension of the Faroese language is required.

Certification: The course instructor assesses the participant’s suitability for certification as a medical first aid practitioner on ships carrying medicine chest B.

Number of participants: Minimum 3. Maximum 8.

Self-study: This course is not available on a home study or partial home study basis. Offering our seafarers home study on important and practically oriented subjects with high skill requirements is not deemed advisable.

Course structure: The fully subscribed basic course is scheduled for 40 hours over 5 days of instruction. Participants will attain the knowledge and skills required for working as a medical first aid practitioner on ships.

Sjónám’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors are skilled at combining regular classroom teaching with practical exercises.

Participants will acquire their skills through effective training and exercises in Sjónám’s state-of-the art facilities with careful guidance from our highly competent instructors throughout the course.

This learning environment promotes a healthy blend of independence, cooperation and safety at sea for our course participants.

This is an exciting course in which participants are taught all the basics required for working as a medical first aid practitioner on ships.