General information: Bring your health certificate for seafarers when registering, along with your basic safety and COX certificates.

Cancellations must be made by email no later than 3 business days prior to the start of the course to allow others to book your place and to reimburse your course fee.

Endorsement: STCW 78 A-VI/2-2, incl. Manila 2010 amendments.

Applicable to: Crew on ships appointed to man or to command a fast rescue craft.

Entry requirements: A valid health certificate for seafarers, minimum age of 18, passed safety course and COX plus comprehension of the Faroese language.

Objective: To enable participants (MOB/FRC crew on ships) to take charge of a fast rescue craft during and after launch and to operate a fast rescue craft engine.

Contents: Participants will learn about:

  • The construction and outfitting of fast rescue craft and individual items of their equipment
  • Particular characteristics and facilities of a fast rescue craft
  • Safety precautions during launching and recovery of a fast rescue craft
  • Procedures for righting a capsized fast rescue craft
  • Handling of a fast rescue craft in all conditions.
  • Navigational and safety equipment available in a fast rescue craft
  • Search patterns and environmental factors that may affect search efforts
  • Assessment of the readiness of fast rescue craft and related equipment for immediate launching and operation
  • Methods of starting and operating a fast rescue craft engine and its accessories.

Upon course completion, the participant will have achieved a minimum standard of competence in the following areas:

  • Manage the safe launch and recover a fast rescue craft
  • Right a capsized fast rescue craft
  • Handle a fast rescue craft in rough weather conditions
  • Swim in special equipment
  • Use communication and signalling apparatuses between the fast rescue craft and a helicopter and ship
  • Use the onboard emergency equipment
  • Recover a casualty from the water and transfer a casualty to a rescue helicopter, ship or some other place of safety
  • Carry out search patterns, taking account of environmental factors
  • Start and operate a fast rescue craft engine.

Endorsement: A certificate is issued upon course completion.

Number of participants: Minimum 3. Maximum 6.

Self-study: This course is not available on a home study or partial home study basis. Offering our seafarers home study on important and practically oriented subjects with high skill requirements is not deemed advisable.

Course structure: The fully subscribed basic FRC course is scheduled for 24 hours over 3 days of instruction. Participants will attain the knowledge and skills required of a crew member on large rescue boats on ships.

Sjónám’s knowledgeable and experienced instructors are skilled at combining regular classroom teaching with practical exercises.

Participants will acquire their skills through effective training and exercises in Sjónám’s state-of-the art facilities with careful guidance from our highly competent instructors throughout the course.

This learning environment promotes a healthy blend of independence, cooperation and safety at sea for our course participants.

This is an exciting course in which participants are given basic instructions in the operation of a fast rescue craft and responsibilities.